This needs a better name!

Yesterday me, my mum and a couple of friends Went to see a film simpley called Pirates on an adventure with Scientists. Admitly this is a bit of a pathetic name. I mean come on film! Your marketing department couldn’t come up with anything better then that??? What is it like family guy? Are you all manties? Is that it huh? Because I can’t think of anything else that would make you give that film such a stupid name.

Sorry, sorry just got a little over emotional there. It just makes me so ANGRY! Right, it’s okay I’m under control again. So any way, to give the film it’s credit it was a really funny film. You know once you get past the sheer ridiculousness of a pirate of the year compation.

I won’t go into the plot too deeply, because I don’t want to spoil it for you. So I’ll just say that it’s basically about these pirates who want to win the pirate of the year trophy. But everyone else thinks that’s ridiculous because they’re quite frankly crap. Anyway it’s the story of how they go about doing this.

I know your probaly rolling your eyes but don’t judge it by it’s stupid sounding plot. It actuly is a really funny film. And it’s got an almost unbelievable cast; Huge Grant as The Pirate Captain( he didn’t ruin the film simply by being in it!) Martin Freeman as The Pirate with the scarf ( Dear god! These names are so unimaginative it almost sounds intenchinel…Oh.) Imelda Staunton as Queen Victoria ( That’s right Umbridge her self!) Russell Tovey as the albino pirate (I don’t know if he’s as a big a name as the others but oh well I’ve herd of him and really that’s all that matters.) And finally David Tennant is playing Charles Darwin. (That’s right people the bloody Doctor himself.)

So all in all I didn’t think I’d enjoy this film, but I did, I really did. And if wasn’t for THAT NAME, I would give it a ten out of ten. Sorry, it’s just could they have put less thought into that title?! Sorry, got carried away again, it just makes me so ANGRY! I think I should go lie down now before I break something.

The April Fool

Well it’s April Fools day again and as spectacular as last year went this one was a bit of a let down. But I’m getting ahead of myself, let me take you back to April 1st 2011 the year I did the almost impossible, I pranked mum!

So I’m up around five, naturally before anyone else, so even if I don’t prank anyone no one will be pranking me. So I go through to the living room to wait until mum gets up. But I lose patience with that quickly.

So I’m outside mum’s room and, you know what I almost chicken out, I almost didn’t go through with it. But I did, I told myself that if she was asleep then I would just go away. But she wasn’t.

I went into her room and said “mum there’s four deer in the garden and I think one of them has antlers.” I was surprised when she actually believed me. But she did. We had reached the living room and she said “I’ll just go get my camera” I couldn’t hold it in any longer, I laughed and yelled April Fools!

I won’t go into the details of this year’s prank but let’s just say that well I forgot. That’s right I forgot that it was April Fools day and by the time I remembered mum was already in the shower. Wasn’t like last time when I got her when she’d just woken up.

Actually I just had a thought maybe the fact that I was completely in the dark about it being April 1st like until nine or eight o clock in the morning is the real joke. Because no one even attempted to play a trick on me. For fuck sakes even My Brother knew before I did.

Running + Sitting = Exsustian

Yesterday me, mum, and a couple of friends went to a race. The reason for this trip was that one of our friends was running in it. And we were going to support her.Which as it turned out translated to us waving her off at the starting line and then going to a park bench to stuff ourselves with bags of crisps. Oddly enough that still made me exsusted.

I took some photos. I think someone was a little too obsessed with runing.


Vibram Fingers, good for the feet. Like running bare foot but with that slight bit of protection that’s offered when you wear shoes. However they may not be the wisest choice of footwear when running a half marathon. On concrete.

After the race was done we went to a stone circle to have a picnic. It was wonderful but unfortunately I was to busy eating to think to get out my camera and take a picture. But I got a good one of the stones even though we didn’t really look round the circle. I think we were all too tiered to do anything but pile into the car and drive home. Funny, since only one of us ran in the race.