I did I did see a little dragon!

You all remember Toothless from How To Train Your Dragon ?
Yeah, and how he not only acted but looked remarkably like a cat? Well I may have spotted a trend.

Having been lately on a bit of a Spyro kick lately I’ve come to a realization as of late, Spyro is a cat. Much like Toothless our sear little purple hero was well clearly based off of somebody’s cat.  Leave him sitting there long enough and Spyro will literally start licking himself clean. *Not like that! Get you’re minds outa the gutter*

In all of the games? No, while looking at Spyro’s body in Spyro: A Hero’s Tail
there’s no mistaking it for any other sort of animal… even a dragon, it’s the games on the PlayStation 1 that have the licking and other more cat like qualities to full a fount.

So why a cat? Well what were they suppose to base it on? Certainly not a dragon, while  they’re  undoubtedly real, it’s not like they’re in an abundance on the ground.  A cat I suppose was a good starting point, it was flexible enough to allow movably without loosing that cute edge that they might have  if they based him off an actual lizard. Which admittedly would have made a lot more sense.