Can you hear the film? No? Neither can I

For those of you who’ve read my blog before you’ll know how much I loath people talking through films. I.E it sends me in to a homicidal rage. It’s bad when people do it at home in their own living rooms, it’s unbearable when they do it in the cinema.

Me, my brother and dad all went to see Les Miserables again, a couple of days ago. The film in of it’s self was excellent there’s no disputing that, however the experience on a whole was slightly ruined by me being sat to the two most annoying people on the planet.

Now to give them their credit, they didn’t exactly talk through the film, but then again these are masters of annoyance we’re talking about here, they didn’t need to.

Let’s see where to start, oh so many choices each more irritating then the last, but I think I’ll go with Dad’s chin scratching.

Now I get when you’ve gotta scratch, you gotta scratch, I do I really do. But through the entire film?! He even did it during Val Jean’s death scene!

If that wasn’t enough to send anyone up the wall, there was; my brother’s constant stymying through the songs, my dad’s rustling of crisp packets, my brother’s loader then they needed to be sneezes and my dad going aww when Gavroche died! Yes it’s a bit that makes everyone including me cry, but saying that word belittles it and makes me want to beat you with a blunt instrument!!!

I could go on and on, but I won’t. I think you’ve got the general gist of my misery, so I’ll end on a hopeful note this time. This Sunday I will be seeing The Hobbit alone! Both my brother and father will be in a completely different screen altogether, watching a completely different film, about Lincoln… *does happy dance*

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