Iron Man 3: Wow…just wow

And that is not a good thing!… *sigh* Look I can admit that I may not have started this film with a particularly open mind. Mainly because I really don’t like Iron Man, why you ask? What’s not to like about such an iconic super Hero such as Iron man? Well I answer your question with another one, what’s to like about Iron Man?

The Man is a Asshole who spends very little of his films actually being a superhero. In the first film I get it they have to establish his character , but by Iron Man 2 it’s been establish that he is now a very well known superhero and has apparently “privatized world peace” But all we see him do is get drunk and show boat, sure he fights the main bad guys but for such an apparently famous hero he does a woeful lack of anything else productive.

Plus in Avengers he made fun of Captain America‘s time in the ice. As you may or may not have seen in previous posts I tend to get a little…testy when people bad mouth the good Captain. But even if that wasn’t my pet peeve mocking  someone about a traumatic event they’ve only recently just been through and have clearly not recovered from is an extremely douche thing to do.

However right now we are not talking about one of the most boring films ever made or one of the most Awesome, no we are talking about their successor one of the most Dumbness films ever made.

Okay so what was the stupidest part, well there’s probably a lot to choose from but I’m the more obvious choice of him giving his home address to terrorists and then having no security for his house… at all. His ex girlfriend *who it turns out is one of the bad guys* just walks straight in.

Many people will agree with me that that bit is by far the height of Iron man’s stupidity but it’s by far away not the only one I’m sad to say. Let’s take a look at the part where he has to rebuild his suit with no mope help then a kid with a potato gun.

Not only is this part pointless as it turns out but I couldn’t understand what the heck they were even saying. Look as much as I do not like the guy I can admit that he dies have some good lines, but the problem here is that he’s talking too fast me to catch what the heck he’s saying. Here’s a little secret, if I can’t here the joke I won’t be laughing at it.

I probably should at least mention in passing the stuff about the villain * I’m not even gonna attempted to spell his name* So I’m just going to say right off the bat it really didn’t bother me. I don’t read the Iron man comics and It’s by no means the stupidest thing done in the film or the most infuriating. If you want to see that check out the scene in the bad guy’s dungeon with Stark and his ex, yeah it won’t take  you long to wander why nobody simply shoots Stark in the head and puts everyone out of their misery.

You know  why this idiocy pisses me off and I’m not even going to go into the part where he has his arc reactor removed *yeah die with out it my ass* it’s that God help me even in his most narcissistic he was at the very lest capable. Sure he does fight the villain and win in the end of this as well, but by god the sheer stupidity before hand just makes you question the man of Iron’s sanity.

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