Given the Boot

Look…I don’t care how you spin it Bigamy is wrong! It isn’t Poleamary which is open and honest this is lying deceitful and well like I said before just down right wrong! So having your main character be a bigamist and expect us to sympathize with her was always going to be a bit of a stretch, but the film could have at least tried!

She Led Two Lives is about a very stupid woman who marries two unbelievably understanding men and then gets found out. That’s basically the plot and let me tell you, right from the get go you bloody hate this woman.

It’s not even like her first marriage is  an unhappy one, sure husband 1 is a bit of a workaholic and can be a bit bossy but through out the film he  attempts to get closer to his wife and to work out their problems. Which is certainly more then she does.

It’s weird but I might have be more forgiving of her if it had just been an affair, but the fact that it  was actually marriage, yeah that’s defiantly  more. Even if you’re not one of those people that considers marriage a holly thing divined by god himself, it’s still a big thing, it’s still a sign of commitment.

This woman, who for the life of me I can’t actually remember the name of, claims to love both of them but I have to ask how can she when she spends all her time with husbands 1 and 2 lying through her teeth.

However all that aside this wasn’t a bad… this wasn’t an unenjoyably film . I might have even been able to give it a good review, if it hadn’t been for the ending.

We spent the whole film seeing how horrible this women was and how selfish and well how just generally disciple, so you’d expect the ending to give us some consequences to her actions . Nope, sorry but she get’s off completely scot free and husband number 1 even begs her to take him back with her giving him the boot.

He was the one that was bloody wronged! He should be the one giving her the heave ho! *Sigh* It just goes to show, you don’t have an ending you don’t have anything.

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