Beowulf: Barbarian Geniouse

Yesterday we watched Beowulf and I have to say there’s something I hadn’t realised the last time I watched it: Beowulf is actually very intelligent. The first time I watched it I just thought he was an arrogant big headed boaster.

Oh don’t get me wrong he is that as well, but when he actually chooses to use his brain my god. He’s the only one who figures out not only how to kill the beast know as Grendel but he’s the only one to realise that load noise gave hurt Grendel. Really people? Not even an inkling? Well that’s life for you isn’t it. 

While His method of offing Grendel is undoubtedly impressively simple and his battle with the mother was just pathetic, it’s his battle with the dragon that shows his true brain power. Or rather just before he fights the dragon.

He knows that he’s old and this might be his last fight but if he backs out and lets some young hero slay the beast then the circle will start all over again. Which is one of the main reasons he made his friend Wiggaff *I think that’s his name* his heir. In hope that he would be strong enough to resit the Angelina Jolie. Not actually quite sure if he did the endings a lot more vague then I remember.

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