The limitations of a goest

Charles Dickens’s A Christmas Carol was publish in…er…hold I got this…erm…Okay so I don’t exactly know. I probably should, seeing as I’m going to run the world in the future but there you go, I don’t know everything. One day I shall have people for that.

Anyway getting back on topic, since it’s publication sometime in the Victorian era *I don’t know the exact date go look it up in a book or better yet the internet. You’re there anyway.* There have been many adaptations of it and when I say many you know I really do mean it.

The one I’m gonna talk about today is a fun little film going by the name Ghosts Of Girlfriends Past past. You can tell right from the title that this is going to be slightly different from other adaptions, for one thing it’s not set at Christmas.

In fact besides the three ghost  there’s very little in common with original tale. Our scrooge character *for the life of me I can’t remember his name* isn’t really of the miserly kind, he’s just sleazy with women, no scratch that he’s sleazy with anyone. Say what you want about Ebeneezer scrooge at least he didn’t do that.

However as awful as his behavior was it didn’t really send me off the film, because you know that’s what would be fixed. No what slightly irked me was the difference in the times spent with the different ghosts.

The ghost of the past gets a good chunk of the film and the other two get well, for people showing this jerk the error of his ways they sure don’t get much time to do it.

*sigh* I would go on but I’ve got my period and I just don’t feel up to it. That’s right I said it, If I have to suffer so do you. So prepare to have my blog posts become gradually shorter and or meaner as time passes. *evil cackle*







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