The distressing Box

Oh god, Oh god, Oh god ! *rocks self in corner* the downton Writers have a sadistic streak. First they kill off two of their prominent characters in the same bloody season , and you know what I could have forgiven that but now they’ve gone and done it… they’ve had someone raped.

Look it’s not like it’s not a well written episode or even that the acting in it isn’t superb… it’s just my god it’s so horrible! Which being a depiction of rape you really would have expected it to be.

You can start to see a pattern merge among these Downton Abbey
writers can you not? Every time the show starts to hit a gentle curve, or far more alarming in season 3 when stuff was actually happening get’s boring, they put one of their characters through hell. Be it they generally kill them but this is no less devastating.

Maybe even more so, when you’re dead it’s awful for everyone around you but you’re gone, your pain is over if you’re raped on the other hand…oh god. I mustn’t let my mind dwell on such thoughts less I become even more depressed.

In fact I should probably finish this post soon so I can wonder off and cry in the corner. So I’ll just say this, Downton writers find away to make your story interesting without wrenching the hearts from your viewers chests. Think out side the horribly distressing box!

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