The venomous snarl of Scotland

I’ve been told that I should just enjoy things and not care about what other people say about them, and while that’s sound advice sometimes it’s just impossible to hold my tongue. With that said let us talk about Brave .

Now while I have been known to snarl venomously at anyone who doesn’t agree with me whole heatedly, I can still appreciate that there are other points of view. Not every film, piece of fiction, work of art will jell with everyone, as hard as it is sometimes I have come to grip with that. However saying that, what I really take unbridged to is when people complain about a certain element in something that wasn’t even there in the first place.

For instance I’ve herd people moan about how everything in Brave’s been seen before. That is simply not true. In some instances I can see why someone might think that,the princess trope and the arranged marriage troupe has been done rather a lot in Disney’s past.  But what you have to focus  on here is the how not the what.

Think about it, rarely has the political ramifications of being a princess or why an arranged marriage would be happening in the first place been highlighted so well. Sure we’ve had many different kinds of princess before; Jasmin, Ariel, Aurora…Rapunzel…Pocahontas…*actually it’s rather hard to remember how many Disney princesses were actually born into their title* but  really the title it’s self plays little to nothing within the story.

And the arranged marriage, while playing a greater role in the narrative then the princess title usually is nothing more then an obstacle for two star crossed lovers to over come. That’s the main difference, Brave is not a love story, or at least not one of a romantic sort.

Parental bond in Disney if their mentioned at all are usually father daughter relationships. In fact I dare you to name one other Disney princess where the mother is actually alive… okay tangled kind of had two but one was an abusive adopted mother who I think died at the end *my memory is not very good there* and the other  had absolutely no lines so I’m not counting them.

Speaking of villains, this film didn’t really have one. Sure there’s Mordu but he’s not so much a villain in himself as a threat of the future. A consequence of what could happen if the spell isn’t broken. Even the witch isn’t really evil, she didn’t even want to sell Merida the spell and only changed her mind when the young princess offered to by her entire stock.

Because  it didn’t need either of those things , the villain was the situation it’s self and a love interest would simply be pointless in the arc of the story.


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