R.I.P Brian Griffin

Brian Griffin is dead… Brian Griffin is dead. I… I don’t know what to say. Sure I’d heard they were going to kill off one of the Griffin Family members but if I’d have to guess any one I would have guessed Chris. Though I love Seth Green, his character hasn’t really been giving much to do as of late. I would have been upset but I wouldn’t have been surprised.

I also might have said Meg *who’s one of the most hated characters on the show I might just add* but her abuse seems to be becoming *or already is* a running gag, giving her a lot more screen time. Even if they’d killed off Lois, which I would not have been unhappy about, it would have made at least a little more sense then killing off Brian.

I can;’t even explain it away with creative differences and the actor left the show, because Seth McFarland is still very much on the show! I’ve read what they gave as their reasons for killing him were; that it would be a lot more realistic for the dog to be killed off rather then one of the kids. Okay you raise me more realistic and I raise you Fucking Family Guy.

This a show where a dog walks on his hind legs, drinks alcohol and no body bats an eye! We don’t need realism! We did not tune in to watch realism, we wanted tasteless humor and characters defying death.

All  through the episode I was in denial, I just couldn’t believe they’d kill of Brian. Meg or Chris perhaps, but Brian?  I was convinced it was just going to be for one episode, not even that maybe half an episode. Stewie was going to rebuild his destroyed time machine and it would just be something to laugh about later.

But no he can’t get the parts, and they end up replacing Brian with a dog called Vinny. Don’t get me wrong, I like Vinny I think he’s nice, I didn’t trust him until Stewie did but I think that was the whole point… it’s just I’m still in shock. I can’t believe they actually did it.

This isn’t like On South Park with Kenny, Brian is staying dead and you know why I think the writers did it? Because they could. They could and they were bored.

Oh look at me I’m a Family Guy writer, I’ve run out of tasteless jokes so how can I upset people anymore? I know I’ll kill one of their most beloved characters, and oh no I won’nt just stop there! Not only will I kill him but I’ll do it in the most realistic way possible, he won’t die by gun fire or being flattened by one of Peter’s shenanigans, no he’ll be run over by a car. I can’t stop now I’m on a roll!

They’ll take him to the vets, ooh but wait it’s too late his injures are too extensive and they can’t do anything! So the family go in to pay their last respects and what our his last words on the face of this hellhole we call a show?

You’ve given me a wonderful life, I love you all


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