Vulgar Fathers

I’m going to tell you a secret, a pretty big one so please let’s try and make this a safe place… I like the show Dads.
* dodges projectile weapons* Alright let me Explain! *dodges acid thrown in face*

Not cool guys! Look just let me explain, then if you still want to kill me by the end then have at it. Okay? * crowd lowers weapons* Okay!

Alright let’s tackle the big dog, the elephant in the room as it were: the show’s vulgar humour. Well I’ll answer that with this: Two and a Half Men, South Park and Family Guy.

We love these shows *at least in the case of the later two* because they’re shocking and crude. Because they just don’t seem to care.

It’s not like I don’t get why people would be offended, sometimes it does go too far. Things that people can over look in a cartoon become uncomfortable or down right offensive when taken to live action.

What I don’t get is why everyone’s talking about it like it’s the Antichrist of Shows. * I even heard one blogger actually call it evil*

There is nothing here that’s not in a million different other shows. How I Met Your Mother , The Big Bang Theory, heck even Friendsare all guilty of it one time or another. So what’s so different about this show?

If I was being sensible I would say it was because Seth Macfarlane is involved. His kind of Family Guy-esc humour doesn’t always translate well out of animated form. But so far I’ve heard no one site those particular jokes as the reason it’s so awful.

*If you don’t count the complaints against Brenda Song’s Japanese school girl outfit in the pilot. But I personally found that to be something much more similar to something that would happen in the Big Bang Theory then one of Macfarlane’s shows*

But the thing people are showing as proof of this racism the most are the “dads” themselves. Or rather the things they’re saying and I… completely agree with them.

The things the fathers come out with our completely racist, narcissistic and just plain horrible. But here’s the big but in that statement: that was the whole point.

These characters aren’t the heroes or heroines, they are in fact the villains. They’re not meant to be likeable, they’re not meant to be relatable; we’re not meant to agree with them, we are in fact meant to laugh at them.

What about the heroes themselves? Are they the pinnacle of political correctness? Oh dear god no, but the thing I like here is the narrative doesn’t ignore their flaws to make them look better. A trap many a sitcom main protagonist has falling into.

They’re both products of their upbringing. Making this at it’s very core, not a show about shocking people *although it’s certainly done that* but of Toxic parenting and it’s outcomes.

So there’s my bit, I enjoy this show and I can’t help that, but I can understand why other people don’t. *Looks at crowd* We good? *crowdlooks at each other then throws an axe right into head. Crumples to floor, lifeless body still twitching*

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