Corporal punishment and why I should be allowed to use it

In the religion of Islam the penalty for thievery is to have ones hand chopped off. I don’t know which, but I assume the hand that commited the crime.

I’ve, been trying to go easy on my brother, to look the other way as it where. For instance I’ve said nothing about his presence in the same room as me, or his breathing too loudly but I must draw the line somewhere: he has stolen the Chocolate cornflakes!

Said soon to be victim of Fratricide, has devolved a habit of snacking on certain foods that should only be eaten at breakfast! Which up till now I have been able to over look, I didn’t mind when he made an entire cereal box disappear in less then a day, I didn’t.

But this one I wanted, finally I said to myself,finally one that would be just for me. Mum doesn’t eat suger, Dad’s trying to cut back as well and my brother has his own chocolate cereal. Finally one that he wouldn’t just gulp down! Came through this morning, box was ripped open and more then half way eaten. Finished now, we only bought them yesterday.

Do I think I’m being over dramatic by calling for my brother’s severed hand, over a box of chocolate corn flakes….No.

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