Me! Glorious Me!

I am dyslexic. In fact im so dyslexic that I probably spelled the word dyslexic wrong. So that is why some of my blogs might take a little bit of trial and error to work out what the heck i’m saying. But who cares about you it’s my blog. So “blows rasbery” to you. And any way if you  think about it i’m actuly helping you. Figuring out my mistakes is good for your brain power, in fact you should be paying me.

My dream is to either be a writer or baring that the ruler of all of great Britain. I mean I can do what the queen does. I can walk around  in fancy dresses and wear a crown, easy. I can rule India. Or do we not still own India. Doesn’t matter, we will when I take the throne. And my first degree will be to get rid of Parliament and give myself all of the power. Only one person gets a vote. Me!

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