Avengers Vs Ultimates

Now I just want to say before I begin that this isn’t about the comics. Not the Ultimate verse or the main one. No this is comparing the cartoon Avengers: Earth’s mightiest heroes, which I talked about in an earlier post and Ultimate Avengers a cartoon film loosely based off of the Marvel Ultimate series.

I’m not gonna judge them on their story, or their general animation because one their both pretty good, and two because I just don’t want to. It’s my blog I really don’t think I need to give any better explanation then that. So instead I’m going to focus on the characters themselves. Oh on a side note both these awesome things are made by Disney.

I should say that for me EMH Iron Man wins simply because you just see more of him. Ult. Iron man barley has any lines at all, in fact he’s barely even in it. But you know what I jays can’t. EMH Tony is an asshole. Self obsessed, thinks he always knows best even when he’s clearly the one in the wrong, and this one surprised me a little preachyreally hard to choose a version of the hulk. Both of them are awesome, but just going by personal preference I’m gonna have to go with EMH Hulk. He’s just a much more likeable character. With Ult.Hulk you see more of Bruce Banner and the torture he’s going through. He knows the hulk can do good, and the Hulk can be usefull if only he can be controlled. And him trying to do that but ultimately failing.

Were as with EMH he’s already done it, the hulk’s got a little more self control and wants to prove that he’s not just a mindless monster.

Ultimate 1. EMH 1

I’m gonna compare the two Giant mans and Wasps together, just easier that way. You know how I said in my EMH post that Wasp was one of the most annoying Avenger and Ant Man/Giant Man could do so much better then her? Well in the Ult. Verse it’s the complete opposite.

Well, giant man’s not so much annoying as he is an Asshole. He narcissistic, full of himself, a bully, can’t except he was the one in the wrong. And a lot of other stuff but that’s just the things off the top of my head. I can’t really remember Ult.Wasp’s personalty but I know she was less annoying and pathetic then her counterpart.

Ultimate 2. EMH 1

The Black Panther was another one that was really hard to choose. Their both so similar, they both fight against their traditions to save their people and they both seek out the Avengers for help, thus disregarding the laws of their counties. But if you really put a gun to my head and forced me to choose, I would have to say Ult.Black Panther.

Simply because he’s got the cooler powers. I mean come on the man can change in to a actual panther! That’s pretty awesome!

Plus it’s more obvious what he’s trying to save his people from, shapeshifting aliens. With EMH panther it’s just this person who’s dressed up as an ape. And who beat Panther’s father for the throne, so really his motivations for going against the ways of his people really come of more selfish then Ult.Panther’s do.

Ultimate 3. EMH 1

I’m not gonna do Hawkeye because he was only in EMH.

I do like the Ult.Blackwidow the best, but I do have one complaint, why do they pair her up with Captain America?! That’s not in the comic! That’s not even in the Ultimate Comic! At least to the best of my knowledge.

Ultimate 4. EMH 1

Ult.Thor wins by a land slide, because… God help me I just like seeing Hippy Thor! And what was that thing with the Captain? What did he mean he hadn’t met him officially? You haven’t met him at all! Any way never mind still completely Awesome!!

Ultimate 5. EMH 1

Now we come down to our finale and subsequently my favourite Avenger, Captain America himself.

While they both do him well their very different takes on this character. Ultimate focuses more on the Steve Rogers side of his character. He’s still Captain America, an awesome fighter and a brilliant tactician. But he’s also human and a very young one at that. Plus there’s that whole frozen in ice thing that has to rattle any one on the best of days.

EMH on the other hand focuses primly on the Captain America side if his personalty. And most things they put their focus on they do it really well. When he’s wearing that cowl he is Captain America, it’s just when he takes it off the bad things start to happen.

He doesn’t even look human! I don’t know if they went just a bit over board with muscling up his face or what but sweet mother of god! It’s hideous! Oh Steve, Steve, Steve what did they do to you?

Ultimate 6. EMH 1

So that’s it Ultimate wins by a landslide. Wow, I have to say Earth’s Mightiest Heroes that’s rather pathetic. I didn’t even have to rig this contest like I did with all the others.

The Ungrateful Swine

I don’t know why I have this image that Disney can only do childish things. They do make childish things, they do them very well but you know it’s not all they do. It’s not all they do well.

And I know this, I know it for a fact. But it’s just never sunk in properly, until now. And you know what made me come to this realisation? Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes

Now before you get your Nickers in a twist yes, this is technically a kids show. And yes it does have some moments which are… just stupid. But from what I was expecting, I really was pleasantly surprised.

Now grant it there were some things I took issue with. Wasp, god is she annoying and the weakest of all the Avengers. She’s not a hero, she’s a pest! What does Ant Man even see in her, he can so do better. Oh and the fact that Captain America doesn’t really have a personality, just a series of inspirational speeches. But besides those obvious flaws it is a good show, it’s fun and whacky sometimes but still manages to do the series stuff fairly well. In fact some might say they did it a little too well. Some of these scenes are just plain dark.

I should say that if you haven’t seen this yet there are gonna be spoilers. And if I’m that concerned about ruining it for people I should probably just stop now, shouldn’t I? So thank God I don’t care.

Okay, so the Skrull who are secretly replacing everyone on earth have captured Captain America and replaced him with one of their own. You following me so far? No? Well your not the only one.

You’d think they’d just kill him, he is by far the most competent Avenger out of all of them and they even end the first season with you thinking ” Oh my god they killed Captain America” But no you found out a few episodes into the second series that he’s not dead, just captured.

This makes so little sense that even one of the Skrull crew, has to ask their commanding officer why they’re holding him prisoner. Seeing as they’ve all ready scanned all of the information that his mind has. It’s explained that their keeping him to see how to break a human. Really? You couldn’t have just gotten any random human off the street to do that?

They, then go on to say and I quote “He’s already survived what no human should have survived.” Well this has taken a dark twist. I mean my god they practically admitted to torturing him. Granted they could have been talking about his time in the ice, but you know what I, highly doubt they were.

But cap manages to escape and make it back to earth just in time to save the day. But not before Skrull Cap goes on tv and tells the people of the world that they should surrender. Which pisses everyone off.

Even when it’s explained that it wasn’t the real Cap nobody believes them. So despite the fact that he’s once again risked his life to save their worthless asses a mass wave of hatred for the masked Avenger sweeps the nation.

Bloody Hell! I mean I know I’ve not exactly been kind to the American public as a whole on this blog, but even I didn’t think they were this bad. Stupid yes but not…. bastards. And this isn’t even the first time they’ve done this to a superhero. Batman, spiderman, face it these people give Ungrateful Swine a bad name. So my only advice to Captain America would be to deport. These people are just not worth the amount of effort your putting into keeping them alive.