Fratricide, I can relate

In the Ottoman Empire a policy of judicial royal fratricide was introduced by Sultan Mehmet II whose Grandfather Mehmed I had to fight a long and bloody civil war against his brothers (which brought the empire near to destruction) to take the throne. When a new Sultan ascended to the throne he would imprison all of his surviving brothers and kill them by strangulation with a silk cord as soon as he had produced his first male heir. The largest killing took place on the succession of Mehmed III when nineteen of his brothers were killed and buried with his father. The aim was to prevent civil war. The practice was abandoned in the 17th century by Ahmed I, replaced by imprisonment in the Kafes.

Now clearly this was obviously a horrible act of butchery on the Sultans part to obtain complete power and control in their empire and of course should most certainly be frowned upon, however after seeing the smug look on my brother’s face when he has won an argument or somehow outwitted me, I begin to see the attraction of having ones sibling put to death. Although I am not so sure about the silk cord, surely beheading would be a far superior way of making sure that they were actually dead – you would even have the head to prove it.

Fratricide it is a horrible violent crime against ones family but sometimes it is very hard not to consider it, even if it is just for a brief second. I do not believe I am completely on my own in this sentiment. Think about it all throughout mythology people have been killing their brothers and I find it very hard to believe that they all did it just for power. Should Cain have killed Abel? No, but just picture Abel’s smug wide smile as the old testament god tells him that he likes him best. Can’t you just imagine how that look would make Cain’s blood boil, figuratively speaking that is, and cant you just imaging wanting to make that smile go away at any cost?

Should Romulus have killed Remus? Well that is a hard one because it actually turned out kind of great for Romulus he founded an empire and named it after himself but I suppose that he might have done that anyway even if he hadn’t killed his brother. So I guess that was a no as well, kind of. Oh god I just realized that I sound quite violent and homicidal reading this post over and don’t get me wrong I do love my brother very much its just some times, some times, arrggh!! I could just strangle him with a silk cord!